Heat Pumps - Supply & Installation

We provide a full service for the design and installation of heat pumps which have many benefits including:

  • Proven Technology

    Heat pumps have been around for years. They are automatically installed in 90% of new homes in Sweden, 75% of new homes in Switzerland, and 30% of new homes in Germany. In Sweden and Switzerland respectively, 50% and 35% of existing properties have now fitted heat pumps.

  • Fits Your Current Heating System

    Heat pumps simply replace existing gas-guzzling systems. They connect to existing heating and hot water systems, and will run an existing radiator set up. Heat pumps can link to wet underfloor heating, and we can advise on and install underfloor heating, if it’s appropriate, but that's entirely separate.

  • Save up to 70% on Existing Bills

    Heat pumps produce savings of between 30% and 70% on existing heating and hot water bills. The exact percentage depends on a range of variables (type of heat pump, previous fuel source, size of premises). As fossil fuel prices (inevitably) rise over coming years, the savings will be greater still.

  • 400% Efficient

    With a high efficiency condensing gas boiler, for every kwh of energy you put in, you can expect to get 0.9kwh of heating out. With heat pumps, for every kwh of energy you put in, you get (on average) 4 kwhs of heat out. So they’re 400% efficient and provide 100% of your heating and hot water.

  • Reduces Carbon Emissions to Zero

    Depending on your choice of heat pump, you will reduce your carbon emissions by between 40% and 75%. Heat pumps which are powered by electricity from a green, zero-carbon supplier, will deliver all your home and hot water heating without emitting any carbon whatsoever.

  • Enhanced Property Value

    Tighter and tighter legal constraints are coming on stream concerning domestic and commercial emissions. Installing heat pumps and renewable systems puts you ahead of the legislation. If you come to sell a home or business premises, it will be far more attractive to purchasers.

Our total commitment to our customers means that with every installation we also provide the following:

  • An individually tailored after sales plan, incorporating a preventative maintenance programme to ensure that your system runs at maximum efficiency.
  • A full guarantee on all equipment for a minimum of one year, with some equipment guaranteed for three years.
  • Any spares or repairs are also guaranteed for a further year...

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